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Alongside her mission of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, it was from the
early time of her very inception that EECMY began to engage in diakonia and development
works with a noble objective of improving the livelihoods of the most needy, vulnerable and
disadvantaged people without any discrimination based on creed, race, gender, age, ethnic
background and political thoughts. Her multi-dimensional spiritual, social and developmental
engagement for a period of over a century has a deep-rooted and colorful history in the nation
building endeavors of our Country Ethiopia particularly, in the area of introducing modern
education and health services to the ‘hard to reach’ rural communities. This wonderful and
ground-breaking wholistic ministry which was started by our forefathers has been constantly
flourishing over years with rather a wider scope and enhanced efficiency positioning the church
at a high impact making status.

As an integral part of the Church, EECMY-DASSC is currently running over two hundred
development projects of diverse nature and size in all regional states of our Country with a
tremendous life changing effects. The Consortium of Christian Relief and Development
Association (CCRDA) to which EECMY is a founding member, initiated NGOs/CSOs Good
Practice Day five years ago where about 300 member organizations are invited to bring their
works for competition and the top ten are chosen for recognition and award for their faithful,
innovative and quality services to the community. It’s with great joy and honor that I would like
to express that EECMY-DASSC has been one of the top five winning organizations receiving
Gold Medals, trophy and certificate of recognition/appreciation already three times:

 In 2013: competing with our project known as New Life Young Women Rehabilitation
Project situated in Addis Ababa Kazanchis area focusing on changing the life of
commercial sex workers. Our thanks go to Urael/kazanchis MY congregation, NCA and CoS.

 In 2015: competing with our project known as “Mana-Sibu Environmental
Rehabilitation and Food Security Project” situated in Manasibu woreda, Western
Wollega Zone of Oromiya Region focusing on rehabilitating environment, mitigating
termite infestation, and enhancing productivity and hence food security status of the
community. Our thanks go to BftW/PADD, CLWR and LWF/DMD.


 In 2017 (just a couple of days ago): competing with our project known as “Yanda-Faro
Segen Sawate integrated food security project” found in Konso woreda of the SNNP
Region focusing on innovatively diverting seasonal flood water for spate irrigation to
combat the recurring drought-induced food insecurity in the woreda and which
incrementally registered so inspiring success story. Here again, we thank our partner
BftW/PADD for its sincere accompaniment.



It’s so very essential to deeply note that whatever we have done so far and will do in the
future is to realize our mission statement: “demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ
among the poor and disadvantaged people through promotion of human
transformation and care for natural environment”.

In combination with EECMY-DASSC’s best wishes of Christmas and New Year, I would
hereby like to share our joys and congratulations with all partners, government offices,

community groups and my colleagues; and humbly request all to join us wholeheartedly
in glorifying our Lord the almighty for His enormous guidance, protection and blessings!!!

Girma Borishie Bati
Commissioner, EECMY-DASSC


*The major contribution of these community based interventions will be presented in the future for further

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