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During the EECMY-DASSC Partners’ Round Table Meeting, three projects and their staff were acknowledged as model projects since they had won the award given by the Consortum of Christian Relief & Development Associations (CCRDA). The Commission acknowledged the good results of these projects and the enormous effort the staff had put into achieving that.

One of the projects acknowledged was New Life Young Women Rehabilitation Project funded by the Church of Sweden. Mr Berhanu Getatchew and all staff received a medal, and the Kazanchis Urael Mekane Yesus Congregation received a certificate handed over by the EECMY President Rev Yonas Yigezu and the EECMY-DASSC Commissioner, Mr Girma Borishie.


The Yanda Faro Segen Sawete Integrated Food Security Project funded by PADD and implemented in Konso, was also recognised. The late Mr Toraito Kusiya, Mr Gizachew Toraito and Mr Kora Yayisito received medals. South West Synod Branch Office received a certificate.


Working on controlling termites, the Manasibu Environmental Rehabilitation and Food Security Project, also funded by PADD, was recognised. Mr. Benti Bula received a medal and Western Synod Branch Office and Abay Dabbus Synod Branch Office received certificates.

Congratulations to all!


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