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The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) was instituted as a national Church on January 21, 1959 from the joint effort of the American and Swedish Missionaries. In the 1970’s the EECMY developed the Theme “Serving the Whole Person,” later on often quoted and referred to as Holistic Ministry. This has been a guiding principle throughout the years for all Church work. The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus has developed a deep-rooted concern for the spiritual and physical well-being of the Ethiopian people ever since her establishment. Currently the church is operating throughout the country embracing more than 8 million members in 28 Synods, and one work area, which are autonomous in their operational areas.

The Church is member of various networks and umbrella organizations including Christian Relief and Development Association (CRDA), The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), All African Churches Council, and Action of Churches Together (ACT). The church as one of the prominent civil society member in the country works for poverty eradication, and voices against any form of discrimination and injustice based on race, creed, religion or gender. Furthermore, the church supports the democratization process in the country through increasing grass-root participation and reaching the most marginalized group of the society

In accordance with its guiding principle of serving the whole person (Holistic ministry), the church besides proclaiming the Good news of Jesus Christ, undertakes a diversified economic and social development activities intended to minimize human misery and suffering.  The Development and Social Service Commission (DASSC) is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the development activities implemented all over the country

The Development and social service commission of the church (DASSC) is legally registered non- governmental organization to implement various development and social service activities in the country. DASSC signs agreement with concerned government ministry pursuant to the rules and regulations of the country. This agreement is liable to periodical renewal.  Similarly DASSC signs agreement with concerned federal and regional bureaus on each and every project before launching implementation. As the case may be, DASSC may delegate this power to the synods offices for projects below a certain budget threshold.

The North Central Ethiopia Synod (NCES) is one of the twenty synods of the Church working in the Amhara and Afar regional states since 50 years. The Development and Social Service Commission of NCES is undertaking various projects in the areas of environmental protection, food security, gender, health, education, HIV/AIDS prevention, women empowerment and advocacy on behalf of the marginalized and disadvantaged.


EECMY/NCES DASSC envisions a caring, just and prosperous society.


To demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ among the poor and disadvantaged