Training held on Entrepreneurship and Business Management in Jimma town

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Training on Entrepreneurship and Business Management was held for two days from November 27-28/2018 by Symbol of Hope focusing on returnees from different countries who live in Jimma Zone.
Mrs. Mitike Tola form Jimma Zone Workers and Social Affairs Office expressed her appreciation for the effort of EECMY-DASSC to address the socio-economic problems in the area since long ago. She stressed on the challenges they are facing as a government in regards to rehabilitating the returnees within short period while extending her gratitude for the presence of the EECMY in such a high time. Currently the Church is a pioneer in the area to reach the returnees with tangible intervention that supports their life.
There were returnees selected from three districts and Jimma Special Zone most of whom were female. They returned from different countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE etc. due to the current risky global situation on refugees and immigrants.
The trainees witnessed that they acquired a constructive knowledge and skill from the training which gave them a hope for their future endeavor to settle as productive citizen.
Finally Mr. Solomon Shiferaw, the SWE-ACO Coordinator, thanked all the facilitators from government offices, trainers, and trainees for their active participation and advised the right holders to maximize their efforts in order to improve their lives with the financial and technical supports they get from all the stakeholders. Moreover, he added that the Church will continue to follow up their activities so that they will be successful with their businesses.

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